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As an inspector, I use RecallAlert for Life to differentiate myself from my competitors. Simply taking a moment to explain the service to my clients typically closes the deal when folks are shopping around. A lifetime check for recalled appliances is HUGE and folks can hardly believe it’s included within my package. You can tell people why you're better all you want, everyone does so. Showing them why you’re better is what they want to see. Been a game changer for me!
Kevin L.
Home Inspector
I provide this benefit to my clients at every closing. The cost is next to nothing and my clients love it! I've been informed by several clients already of recalled appliances they've located. Keeps my name in front of my clients on a monthly basis which is crucial to my success long term. Highly recommend!
Leo A.
I had been trying to get myself in front of a busy Real Estate Agent team for literally 3 years. I finally called the team lead and shared that I was now offering RecallAlert. She allowed me into their morning team meeting and I won over the entire team. They love being able to explain to their client why they like referring me out. My 5 Star rating on Google along with offering a service that others do not are the reasons my business continues to grow month after month.
Home Inspector
RecallAlert is awesome! My clients are truly shocked when I tell them about this service I provide. Several of my online reviews have mentioned how much they appreciated this added benefit. Love being able to offer something that can truly protect my clients long after my inspection has been completed. The fee for this service is so reasonable, best marketing tool I’ve come across.
Ken K.
Home Inspector
I was fortunate enough to be a part of RecallAlert’s pilot program for awhile now. Glad to see this program now being introduced to others. My clients and my Real Estate Agent partners have been very impressed with this service. As long as I am inspecting homes, RecallAlert will be a partner in my success!
Eric N.
Home Inspector
As an inspector in my 1st year of business, I knew I needed an edge to compete. RecallAlert has been instrumental in my success up to this point. When other inspectors are touting 10 or 20 plus years of inspecting experience, I knew I’d need something to help level the playing field. I also incorporate the 100 Day Warranty plan they provide as my own in-house plan. Just grateful to have stumbled across this company early on. We make a great team!
Sean P.
Home Inspector
Love the fact that my client can choose HOW, or for that matter IF they want to pay for these great benefits. They have a plan in place that allows a client to receive RecallAlert for Life at ZERO cost. Truly a no brainer in my view. Very happy about this service.
Lisa M.
Home Inspector
I was provided RecallAlert for Life from my home inspector. I’m extremely happy with this service as they determined the built- in microwave in the home I was purchasing needed replacement due to a safety concern. As soon as I take ownership, I will call the number provided to receive my new microwave. Very grateful to my inspector for including this service on my behalf.
Thank you!
Jennifer M.
Soon to be Homeowner
I’ve found the benefits provided to be a tremendous addition to what I bring to the table. For a client to have the ability to receive RecallAlert for life at no cost is truly incredible! Feels great to be a part of this and this partnership has helped me immensely!
Jason R.
Home Inspector
As a small business owner I have begun offering RecallAlert to all of my clients. Love the options they provide for obtaining this service and the fact that it protects my clients for life! Very happy with the service.
Peter S.
Home Inspector
As a Real Estate Agent, I appreciate the fact my preferred Home Inspector offers an Appliance Recall benefit. In reviewing home inspectors with my client, Tim is the only one that provides such benefits beyond just the inspection. Couple that with the fact I trust his inspection skills, and it’s pretty clear whom my clients will ultimately choose.
Ian T.
Real Estate Agent
I have referred the same home inspector to my clients for the past 8 years. He now offers a home appliance recall benefit. Seems like the best in the business are always seeking ways to improve upon their services.
Josh R.
Real Estate Agent
I’ve been inspecting homes for over 10 years now. I never realized the marketing benefits I was missing until I added RecallAlert for Life to my services provided. Providing this additional benefit and having the marketing benefits that come from it represents the cheapest and best marketing I could ever come across. Glad I came across this company!
Mark M.
Home inspector
We’ve been offering this for roughly 2 months now. Really has been a difference maker for us. Highly recommended as it adds a great benefit to our clients. Truly the difference maker for us as we are far from least expensive option out there. Explaining it’s benefits along with what our inspection provides puts us on another level than our competitors.
Robert T.
Home Inspector
RecallAlert for Life checked all the major appliances in my home for safety recalls. Luckily, no concerns were found. I guess what I appreciate most is the fact that this benefit has been extended to me for life! If any appliance I have ends up being recalled in the future, I’ll receive an email alert letting me know what can be done. Pretty amazing service in my view!
Kim L.
RecallAlert has established a wonderful benefit for Real Estate Agent and their clients. My clients benefit from a lifetime monthly check for recalls on their appliances. RecallAlert then, on my behalf provides regular marketing pieces with my contact information on the header helping me stay in touch with my clients for life. I love it as I tend to struggle with follow of previous clients and lose touch ☹. I don’t see that ever being the case again!
Robin S.
Real Estate Agent
I love it!!! This is just one more benefit I can add for my clients as a thank you for entrusting me with their sale or purchase. Additionally, as much as I’d like to say otherwise, it is very easy to get so focused on my next client or client’s that I fail to adequately keep up with the ever important back end of my business. I’m confident this will be a huge asset long term as I build my book of business in the years to come.
Jason T.
Real Estate Agent
Great service to help me keep in touch with my clients while providing valuable real estate related information. Given the minimal cost, I enrolled all my clients I’ve worked with over the past six years.
My real estate partner was the one the turned me on to this, they found a recalled Samsung laundry washing machine in her house. Pretty cool!.
On another note: Information provided to my clients via these newsletters is great and useful information that clients can actually use. This helps even build further trust with my clients of which I’m grateful for.
Ruby D.
Real Estate Agent
A big thank you to RecallAlert for Life. We are very excited to be offering our clients this service as it simply makes so much sense given the cost. Seller’s become buyer’s, buyer’s become sellers and we provide this to both. Knowing are clients are systematically being updated about market conditions with our branded information is just icing on the cake!
Scott I.
Real Estate Agent
This is just a great service for both my clients and myself. The fact that they donate 10% of proceeds to St. Jude told me this was a company I’d wanna partner with. We also believe giving back to folks in their time of need is imperative. Kudos!
Jeff J.
Real Estate Agent
I believe what they offer is brilliant. A service that helps my clients while also helping me stay in touch is two benefits I could not turn down. The newsletters provide truly pertinent information that my clients love. First time homeowners especially are appreciative as they often are seeking help in the very areas these mailings address.
Courtney K.
Real Estate Agent
I just started my real estate career and was looking for something unique to offer my clients beyond a bottle of wine at closing. They provide a great printable voucher that walks the client through the enrollment process. Knowing I can keep my name in front of my clients with professional marketed materials makes me feel so good. I know this is crucial to long term success.
Daniela G.
Real Estate Agent
Great benefit for myself and my clients. A no brainer for me.
Cori. T.
Real Estate Agent
Glad to be able to offer such a valuable to service to my clients. Given that the benefits are two-fold, they could easily charge more for their service. Glad they don’t.
Rob H.
Real Estate Agent
As a managing broker, I saw the benefit in this immediately. That’s why I decided our entire office will be offering these benefits on my dime! Nice job RecallAlert!
Kelli J.
Real Estate Agent
Having recently dealt with a recalled appliance that I was fortunate enough to have a friend bring to my attention, I see a tremendous benefit in offering such a service. I had no clue, never received any letter from the manufacturer, nothing! I’d purchase it for my clients for this benefit alone. The marketing piece is just a great added benefit for me, and has helped my clients stay on point with their home maintenance.
Jason R.
Real Estate Agent
I've found this service to be of great benefit for my clients, and a tremendous marketing tool!
Peter H.
Appliance Technician
I see this as an easy way for me to stay connected with all my past clients and the fee is nominal. By far the best way for me to spend money on marketing.
Robbie M
Appliance Technician

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