Real Estate Agent or Lender

Real Estate Agent or Lender

RecallAlert for Life is an internet / app based service that uses Optical Recognition Software (ORS) to scan all major appliances within your clients home. This is accomplished via a simple photo taken of the appliance manufacturers information plate that provides model, and serial number information.

RecallAlert for Life then scans through 100’s of millions of data points to determine whether your client is purchasing a home with any major appliance(s) that poses a serious fire, and or safety risk.

A significant percentage of your clients will inherit one appliance or more, that was in-fact recalled due to safety concerns.

Appliance manufacturers are required to make repairs / replacements FREE of charge!

If a potential recall is located, RecallAlert for Life issues a report to your client.

This report includes…
D. The reason for the recall.
E. Location(s) the product was sold.
F. How to have the item repaired / replaced for FREE.

RecallAlert for Life then continues to monitor all appliances and alerts the client when recalls emerge on their appliances for life!

A monthly Recall Report with BRANDED marketing is sent to your client for life! This important communication is a very powerful marketing tool enabling you to stay in touch with all your clients, and remain in the forefront of their minds when their family and friends are in need of your services.

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Report Costs

Real Estate Agent or Lenders can purchase Recall Alert for life Recall reports for their Customers with Report credits and each credit costs only 10$ each.

Real Estate Agent or Lender

$15 per Report
For this price you and your customers get:

Ability to add appliances in his/her property and generate a Recall Alert for Life report that shows all active Recalls for appliances in that property


BRANDED monthly marketing of your company to stay in the forefront of your client's minds forever!


Ability to add new appliances to be tracked for Recalls in a property in the future

For a limited time only... Sign up and get a free report on us! This will allow you the agent, to try RecallAlert for Life in your own home, so you can see the actual benefits your clients will receive.

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Proudly donating 10% of all proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Finding Cures / Saving Children!!!