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Terms of Coverage

Warranty and Protection Plan are valid for a period of 100 days from the date of an inspection of a home pursuant to a contract to purchase such home, or 30 days after closing, whichever occurs later.

Inspection Guard Coverage Summary

The Inspection Guard Limited Warranty will cover those mechanical and structural components and equipment described below that were not noted in the inspection report as being in need of functional repair. Covered items include: Gas Furnace, Electric Air Conditioner and Gas or Electric Water Heater units; Kitchen Appliances including and limited to oven, range, dishwasher, built-in microwave and garbage disposal; Plumbing water lines, faucets, drain lines and gas lines; Electrical main and secondary service panels, internal wiring, outlets, switches; Structural concrete foundation walls, floor joists and wall framing members; Roof leak repair; Garage door and garage door opener units. Coverage limit: the liability of ABC Home Inspection under the Inspection Guard Limited Warranty is limited to an aggregate maximum of $500.00.

Inspection Guard 100 -Day Home Warranty Program

Excluded items include: Any item not specifically mentioned above is excluded; Any item noted within the home inspection report as defective, deficient or in need of repair/service or maintenance; Any item noted in the report as not inspected or not tested; Any HVAC item greater than 15 years old; Any water heater greater than 10 years old; Any appliance greater than 15 years old; Any item repaired or replaced as part of the purchase of the home; Roof leaks are limited to the cost to repair the leak; Excludes cosmetic items and items not maintained properly; Excludes any item that was not visible at the inspection and required removal of drywall, insulation, or other coverings making the item not accessible during the original inspection; Excludes cost of updating items to meet current building code; Excludes pest damage of any type; Excludes all items outside the home’s foundation; Excludes well and septic systems; Excludes lawn sprinkler systems, piping, controls, heads and all components of the system; Excludes hot tub, spa and swimming pool systems.

Radon Guard Coverage Summary

The Radon Guard Limited Warranty is applicable when a radon test was performed by ABC Home Inspection and the results of that test showed radon concentrations at or under 4.0 pCi/L. If at any time during the 100-Day period immediately following the date of inspection, another EPA approved minimum 48-hour short term radon test is performed using a calibrated CRM (continuous radon monitor), and the results come back above 4.0 pCi/L average, ABC Home Inspection will contribute $300 toward the cost of a radon mitigation system. Provided, however, that ABC Home Inspection reserves the right to perform an additional re-test to verify the validity of the results at its own expense.

Drain Guard Coverage Summary

The Drain Guard Limited Warranty is applicable when a sewer scope inspection was performed by ABC Home Inspection and the results of that inspection indicated no repair concerns. If a line breakage, collapse, or major leak develops in the main sewer line during the term of the warranty, ABC Home Inspection will contribute up to $500 toward the cost of the repair of the line. The coverage provided under the Drain Guard Limited Warranty is limited to failures that occur after the date of the inspection and is limited in scope to the main sewer line that extends from the edge of the foundation wall of the home to the point of connection to the utility’s sewer system or to the septic tank. The limited warranty does not cover any material that is under a manufacturer recall, and does not cover clogs or blockages, or cover any drain lines or sewer lines within the perimeter of the home’s foundation.

Mold Guard Coverage Summary

If new visible mold is discovered on the surface of permanently installed items, and such new mold did not result from a plumbing leak or from any other condition that could have resulted from moisture entry into the home that was noted within the general home inspection report, then ABC Home Inspection will contribute up to $500 toward the cost of mold mitigation services. Coverage does not extend to any consequential damages, including but not limited to medical or health concerns or medical treatment costs associated with mold. The warranty does not cover any mold discovered that was hidden behind drywall, insulation, the prior owner’s belongings, or other covering, which prevented ABC Home Inspection from observing such mold at the time of the home inspection.

General Exclusions

ABC Home Inspection will not be responsible for the following claims; items caused by natural acts or disasters included but not limited to floods, fires, earthquakes, wind storm, other natural disasters or events, acts of war or terrorism, criminal acts or the intentional or negligent acts of other persons, including actions of the Client, or any other outside causes; items that occurred prior to the date of the inspection; issues caused by the Client and/or any third parties; damage or other occurrence resulting from a remodel or renovation to the home; items that are the responsibility of a third party, including but not limited to homeowner’s associations, condominium associations, and management companies; damage or other occurrence caused by the seller of the home after the home inspection and prior to the time of the buyer having taken possession of the home, whether or not caused intentionally or negligently; any item covered under another warranty program that supersedes this warranty from ABC Home Inspection. Claim Procedure Written claim notification must be received by ABC Home Inspection prior to the expiration of this policy. All claims must be made by the buyer of record only after they have taken possession of the home and must be received within 100 days of the inspection or within 30 days after closing, whichever occurs later. All claims will be reviewed by ABC Home Inspection. ABC Home Inspection reserves the right to ask for additional supporting information about the claim, or to conduct further inspections at its own expense prior to paying any claim. Written claim notification should include the following information at a minimum; the Client’s name and contact information, a description of the damage or condition for which coverage is claimed, photographs showing the damage or event, if applicable, an itemized repair estimate including a breakdown of parts and labor, a statement of the suspected cause of the failure from a licensed repair company, and any other information necessary to evidence the claimed damage or condition. ABC Home Inspection reserves the right to schedule with you a visit to the home to view the claimed damage or condition. Submit all claims to: ABC Home Inspection – 1234 Main St. Anytown USA Ph# / Email

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